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Lantern Keepers ::: Spellbreaker [Closed] by Saibraeus Lantern Keepers ::: Spellbreaker [Closed] by Saibraeus
About the Spellbreaker

Even rarer than the elite keepers are the spellbreakers and binders. They are divided into two subclasses depending on their particular skill set.

These keepers are able to disguise their wings and horns as any class or status they desire. They are effectively a non-class and tend to be lone wolves. However, their native status indicators are curled, ram-like horns.

Although these are also called 'lantern keepers', some may not carry lanterns at all. They are a warrior class with highly variable reasons for being what they are. Some are born into this class, others achieve this through intense corruption or some other form of trial. Their personalities are just as variable, as are their reasons for helping/hindering mortals and the other classes.

Spellbreakers are called so because they have the ability to absorb power (And also sins, if we're still talking about the ability to purify). One can think of them as a vortex of energy-- They can take, but they can't use. Spellbreakers largely keep to themselves, although some who seek greater power will use a third tier keeper to act as their 'sword'. "

Species Info ::: Lantern KeepersLantern Keepers
:bulletred: This is a closed species.
:bulletred: This information is only for entertainment purposes.
:bulletred: Please do not take/copy it...... /crawls
:bulletred: Anyone who buys a lantern keeper design is not restricted to using this story.
:bulletred: But I would prefer if those who agree to use this story to use it in its entirety.
:bulletred: Because the keepers aren't supposed to be a cutesy race..... u vu
:bulletred: I also understand that this is a lot of info. I suppose I am alright with people taking bits and pieces of it if they acquire one, but I just wanted to make mention of my wishes as the artist too. * U*//
:bulletred: Feel free to ask others to RP here[?]-- and to ask questions!
Keepers are guardians of a sort-- When they find a mortal that they wish to bond with, they become caretakers of the human's soul [To keep it pure]. That soul is transferred into their lanterns


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Is amazing desing...good luck ^^
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