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August 31, 2013
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Daemonata ::: #13 [Closed] by Saibraeus Daemonata ::: #13 [Closed] by Saibraeus
About vagabond Daemonatas

Vagabond Daemonatas are corrupted daemons. They do not come with owner badges, as they have either destroyed it or it had become dysfunctional.

Vagabond Daemonatas differ from regular Daemonatas by three points:

1 ::: Corrupted Daemonata do not carry syringes. Instead, they carry weapons that are infused with toxin or poison rather than medicine. Their intent is to kill-- or to corrupt other Daemonatas like a virus.

2 ::: Corrupted Daemonata do not have numbers. While they may have had a number at one point in their lives, their tags will display the error sign.

3 ::: Corrupted Daemonata can be immediately told apart by the wisp-like trait that their tails take on. It looks like ink flowing away.

Daemonatas may become corrupted through abuse, influence, or being infected by previous corrupted Daemonata. As such, most are quite hostile and quick to attack-- However, vagabond Daemonatas are quite rare, as they are hunted down as soon as they appear.

Species Info ::: DaemonataDaemonata
:bulletblue: This is a closed species.
:bulletblue: This information is only for entertainment purposes.
:bulletblue: Please do not take/copy it...... /crawls
:bulletblue: Anyone who buys a Daemonata design is not restricted to using this story.
:bulletblue: Feel free to ask others to RP here[?]-- and to ask questions!
:new: Daemonata Owner's List
"Available to all" means that the owner is willing to roleplay with anyone using external characters. However, it is generally frowned upon to make your own Daemonata given that this is a closed species, so please refrain from doing so~ Please note the owner on DA in order to arrange a roleplay, as long as they are available.
Daemonata are androids. You may think of them as personal computers that monitor the owner's health.
Although the Daemonata are androids


:bulletred: Please respond to the appropriate "Bid Here" comment. HERE

:bulletred: Buyer must cover paypal fees. Please send payment to "friends and family" and check "I will pay the fee"
:bulletred: Please refer to my adoptable rules in my profile page.
:bulletred: Flaky offers will be blacklisted from buying any future adopts, sorry!
:bulletred: You have 24 hours to send me payment after receiving my address. E-checks are not accepted!
:bulletred: Please let me know if you'd like to be notified of being outbid.

:bulletblue: Winner will receive the transparent unwatermarked version at 1200++ pixels


Auction details:

Start date: Now
End date: September 4, 2013 [11 PM, PST] Check time
Anti-Snipe: Bidding will be extended for 30 minutes if there is a last minute bid. It will continue until the last bid stands for 30 ~ 40 minutes

Starting bid: $50
Minimum bid increment: $5
Please check latest high bid via the "bid here" comment. HERE

Owner: :iconshinome:
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Galejro Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Poke the eye to turn off XD
Kazuhiro-Sama Sep 28, 2013  Student General Artist
yoooo these concepts  :iconforrealplz:
Levy-House Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist
Whoaaa he looks so cool~!!:la:
Awesome job on making the species concept and his design~!:D
Oh wow... exceptional ; v; ♥ 
I love everything about this design, and the concept ; A; ~
Aww sghoapg thank you!!

BerlyMarie Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Stunning design! The eyes are beautiful and I love the outfit
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Hidden by Owner
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